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Past Events

Discover information about our past events. Each of the panel discussion's observation and action points are documented in form of a blog article and short video clips. Full recording of the session can be accessed upon request. Please email

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7 April 2023 / 4pm IST

Heat Waves: Observations from South Asia

Our first panel observed a range of characteristics and impacts of heatwaves in South Asia and looked at various shortcomings and areas of progress within the humanitarian field in ensuring the apt relief and mitigation.
You can download the poster of the session here.

8th May 2023 / 4pm IST

Observing heatwaves in light of adaptation and mitigation

The panel continued further regional observations on how the heatwaves have been impacting the people and ecology in South Asia. It discussed pertinent questions such as - How must South Asia, in all its complexities and contradictions, observe these aspects? What can be done about it now and in the immediate future and who and how must adaptation and mitigation activities be carried out?
Here is the poster of the session.

6 June 2023 / 4pm IST

Future of Heatwaves in South Asia

What is the future of heatwaves in South Asia? How will it impact the region in the 1.5°C to 2°C warmer world? And what we must do to adapt to it? HOISA's upcoming panel will be exploring these pertinent questions and will throw light on this global phenomenon that will be affecting at least 1.8 billion people in the subcontinent.

7th July 2023 / 4pm IST

Sudanese Conflict, Refugees Crisis, and Lessons for South Asia

The Sudanese conflict has plunged the region into another cycle of instability and crisis. It is therefore, critical to look at the situation from a regional perspective to analyse and prepare for how this could affect a much larger population in the region, what lessons South Asia can learn from it

21 August 2023 / 4pm IST

Cultural Heritage Protection within International Humanitarian Efforts During Conflicts and Disasters

What place does cultural heritage protection have within the humanitarian efforts while planning for aid and relief? How must we protect the invaluable world heritage during the times of crisis? And how do we manage the risk, provide first-aid to cultural heritage during emergencies. 

27th September 2023 / 4pm IST

Planning for Extreme Heat: International Experiences and Lesson Learnt

What lessons can be learned from the people implementing these initiatives? And what new tools and resources are being developed to accelerate their work? This panel will showcase Chief Heat Officers from Dhaka and UN-Habitat, as well as a comprehensive heat planning tool currently being tested.

31 October 2023 / 5pm IST

Observing Cyclones in South Asia - Future of the Past

24 years since the devastating Odisha cyclone occurred, HOISA gathers to observe what we have learnt from some of the most catastrophic cyclones such as Nargis, Odisha or Kandla. How should we adapt and build resilience to these events? And what is the future of these occurrences?

This panel with expert researchers and practitioners will energetically explore the impact of marine heatwaves on cyclones, their intensifying nature in the past decade, and challenges that lie ahead of us. 

28th November 2023 / 4.30pm IST

Observing Resilience: Coastal South Asia

Due to accelerating climate emergency, the coastal region of South Asia will face unprecedented loss and damage not just in the coming century but in the coming decades. When observed differently, the loss and damage offer opportunities for transformative resistance building. To underline these opportunities to the South Asia participants of COP 28 UAE and beyond, HOISA is hosting a roundtable on coastal risk assessment, preparedness, community mobilising, and capability building to observe the coastal loss and damage differently and thereby suggest opportunities for transformative resilience building in the region.

31 October 2023 / 5pm IST

Strengthening the Humanitarian Systems: From India to South Asia

Drawing from the recent report on Strengthening the Humanitarian System in India, this panel will discuss its findings and will shift the focus from India to South Asia. How can we analyse the pattern and trend of humanitarian assistance in the subcontinent and thereby create stronger?

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