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Past Events

Discover information about our past events. Each of the panel discussion's observation and action points are documented in form of a blog article and short video clips. Full recording of the session can be accessed upon request. Please email

Heat wave2.jpg
7 April 2023 / 4pm IST

Heat Waves: Observations from South Asia

Our first panel observed a range of characteristics and impacts of heatwaves in South Asia and looked at various shortcomings and areas of progress within the humanitarian field in ensuring the apt relief and mitigation.
You can download the poster of the session here.

8th May 2023 / 4pm IST

Observing heatwaves in light of adaptation and mitigation

The panel continued further regional observations on how the heatwaves have been impacting the people and ecology in South Asia. It discussed pertinent questions such as - How must South Asia, in all its complexities and contradictions, observe these aspects? What can be done about it now and in the immediate future and who and how must adaptation and mitigation activities be carried out?
Here is the poster of the session.

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